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Family Dinner Deal $22.95 Steamed rice is additional - 50 cents per person
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  • Fish and Fox Tales

    The famous baked fish at Phong Dinh is a monster of an animal, a thick-skinned Vietnamese catfish barely shy of a yard, blackened and smoking, the twin prongs of its signature mustachio charred into crumbling Salvador Dali curls. You have undoubtedly encountered a catfish or two in your time, but this is another thing altogether, a juice-dripping beast that looks as if it could have engulfed a loaf of French bread as easily as a boa constrictor swallows a wild pig. Read more

Our Famous Baked Fish

Phong Dinh Baked Catfish is our famous signature dish coveted for it’s complex but flavorful taste and texture. It’s a fresh whole catfish, oven-baked to a crisp golden-brown. Make your own spring rolls to complement with our unique phong dinh tamarind sauce, and voilá!

Condiments include:
Fresh lettuce leaves and variety of herbs, bean sprout, cucumber slices, julienned pickled carrot and daikon, thin rice vermicelli, and rice paper