About Us


In 1983, there were no Vietnamese restaurants in Southern California that served delicious large-sized baked catfish that are unmistakably from Louisiana.  Our father had a vision of importing these delicious Louisiana catfishes to Southern California and prepare them with his highly-guarded famous secret Vietnamese catfish recipe that he brought over from Vietnam.  We felt compelled to share this passion of ours of creating delicious Vietnamese baked catfish along with delectable exotic Vietnamese dishes–such as boar, deer and snake–with our community in Southern California.  And with that, our restaurant Phong Dinh was born in 1983.  As the first and only Vietnamese restaurant to serve Vietnamese-style baked catfish in Southern California at the time, our restaurant has grown famously known for our delicious baked catfish.  Accept no imitations.  Our Famous Phong Dinh Baked Catfish Signature Dish is cove ted for its complex but flavorful taste and texture, yielding a rich savory sweet n’ spicy taste of a fresh whole catfish, oven-baked to a crisp golden-brown – an exquisite and delectably delicious taste that is uniquely Phong Dinh.